Bonnie & Klein – 1983 (Ron Basejam Remix) [Is It Balearic? Recordings]

is it baleari bonnie klein

Out today on IIB. Full of sheen, shine, passion and love. Sub 100 beats per minute, a slow and delicate sundown number. Then.. there it goes. Whisked away into the depths of hazy tropics, with floating percussion, the lilt of strings and the chime of mellow keys that keep you suspended above the weighty rhythm section. Subtly dubby and beautifully composed by Bonnie & Klein. Is it balearic? Yeah I think so.

ron basejam is it balearic

On the other side we’ve got a locked-and-loaded disco mix courtesy of Futureboogie’s Ron Basejam, which takes the soaring psychedelic impetus of the original and trips it up into the laser field. Snappy undercurrent, gyrating guitars and loads of brand new elements for the floor make this a juicy late-night bumper. Ron Basejam goes hard here with the kind of groover that we don’t seem to get enough of.

A very versatile two-tracker from Bonnie & Klein and the heads at Is It Balearic? One side for the beach, one side for the bar, whichever way you want take it.

Bonnie & Klein’s 1983 is out today. Listen to the previews and pick it up at Phonica, Junoor your local record shop. 

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