Balearic Social – Mushrooms Project [BSR007]

Balearic Social really have built up a reputation with consistently excellent releases that run like water. It was only a matter of time before downtempo psych masters Mushrooms Project made it onto the imprint, and it’s as lucidly head-spinning as you’d expect.

Emerge, sun-dazed, from the baking humidity of Motolani into the Chillin’Dretti night, where vagabonds wander the steppes in search of little circle-shaped relief. Truly as balearic as you could want.

BSR007 will be out in late 2017. It might be tricky to find online- ask your record dealer. You can keep up to date with Balearic Social on Facebook

Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes [Quiet Village Remix] (Phonica)

The sixth instalment of Phonica’s small batch Special Editions series sees Quiet Village turn out a dark, atmospheric groove from an album track by Danish vocalist/pianist Agnes Obel.


The main track on this disc is a slow burner that never quite climaxes, and you wouldn’t really want it to. Instead, Quiet Village treat us to nine minutes of smoky beats and sizzling pads that underpin it with something frantic, a sprint that never arrives, the perpetual car-chase, or haunted by the chase of your own tail. On the flip you’ll find the lush Agnes Obel acapella.

(45turns tip: a killer set opener)

Phonica Special Editions 006 is available on the 6th October. You can pre-order it over at the Phonica site