Coyote – Buzzard Country [Is It Balearic..?]

coyote buzzard country

There’s a new Coyote record to get excited about. Timm Sure & Ampo are the duo who have been carving out their sound since the early days of balearic beat and who continue to deliver whooshy, entrancing sonics via their esteemed imprints Is It Balearic..? / Magic Wand and, apropos of this piece, as the in-demand production duo known as Coyote.

Due out on the 20th September, Buzzard Country is seven tracks that take birds of prey, early mornings and balearic skies as their main clutch. It draws heavily on the dreamy nylon guitars, brooding piano and downtempo shuffle of their oeuvre, distilled with a quintessentially Ibizan touch that looks beyond the heat of the night and towards the moon, the stars and the morning after.

coyote buzard country review

Opener ‘Soaring’ is a blissful ambient number and a sun incantation, a calm before the cool wanderings of ‘Soft Top Saab’, both tracks infused with touches of melancholia and a nostalgia for yesterday. ’Shimmer Dub’ brings the Coyote shuffle and elevator music keys with a vocal reminiscent of the iconic Voodoo Ray, and ‘Ranura de Marihuana’ is dark and brooding balearica complete with shakers, congas and nylon sway, a scream into the night carried along the shore.

‘Sun Culture’ on the B-side returns to the balmy, early morning feel of the opening track, with airy pianos in conversation and a slow build-up to hammock-swinging bliss. ‘Dos Canas’ is the life-affirming moment, where slow, majestic throbs of sunrise wrap themselves around layered pads, staccato plucks and floating rhythms. Final track ‘Feedback Valley’, is the bearded balearic uncles strolling down the beach to the silky twang of nylon strings. Subdued, undertonic electronics and frequency oscillations, and a fitting closer for Buzzard Country, a record that you can find adrift somewhere between the sky and the sea.

For now you can preview and pre-order ‘Buzzard Country’ over at Juno, and keep up with Coyote at their page

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