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Komodo. Like the dragon. Otherwise known as a one Gerhan Ferdinal. You might have seen him crop up in the blogs, groups and on Bandcamp feeds. He’s the fellow behind Indonesia’s Akamady Records, a homegrown label putting out pristine dancefloor dubs, edits and sound textures since the back end of 2018. A fair amount of these releases are from Gerhan himself, using Akamady as a platform to showcase his unique scalpel skills on releases like Edit Series Vol. 1 and Music Akamady. Others are from friends and acquaintances in the bubbling Indonesian disco underground, drawing on dangdut folk music and EBM moods. The underlying current, though, is this sort of raw and dirty energy, with driving percussive rhythms and artful dub delays lathered onto fuzz guitars and post-punk b-lines.

It’s for this reason that I thought it pertinent to get a bit more insight into the qualities of this native Indonesian reptile. Here are five tracks that have been doing the rounds in the lizard nest, direct from the man himself:

Jibis & DudMode – Diving [BNJ SERIE 1]
Komodo: love the cosmic techno dub vibe in this track

Chez de Milo – Golden Ratio – Bushwa EP [Futureboogie Recordings]
Komodo: great riding bassline with an old school house elements vibe

Ian Blevins – The Lobster Who Was Criminally Insane (Discodromo Remix) [NAAR 017]
Komodo: great tribal percussions

Coyote – Spiritual Movement – Palm Trees, Tequila and other Lockdown stories [MM Discos]
Komodo: great dubby tune with a nice reggae chant samples on top of it!

Kief – Dub of The Sukma [Mojo Radio]
Komodo: awesome dub track produced by Saturn (one of the artists on my label Akamady Records)


Subscribe to Akamady Record’s Bandcamp page for more dub-tinged beauties. You can also follow Komodo here.

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