Flamingo Pier – Flamingo Pier EP [Soundway Records]

soundway records flamingo pier

So juicy that you could squeeze pure balearic ether from its multicoloured pores. Flamingo Pier have pulled it out of the bag with their new eponymous EP which follows a self-released effort last year and is full of the sort of feelgood boogie, synth, funk and proto-house that you want to hear on the warmest February in record.

First track ‘Tell Me How’ fuses a modern indie-pop approach with elements of the new gen afrobeat revival and the liquid synth business of recent acts like Napoli’s Nu Guinea. Track 2, ‘Hold It’, is the 45turns highlight, a subdued boogie number that houses soulful keys, flashtight snare rolls  and exotic percussive sensibilities inside five minutes of slow-burning bliss. Indispensable.

The EP rolls on with the gnarly acid-esque calls of ‘Find Your Way’, the atmospheric meditations of ‘The Deepest’ and Earthboogie’s afro-led remix, which reimagines ‘Find Your Way’ for an early evening jaunt to open up the dancefloor.

Flamingo Pier EP is out now – pick it up at Soundway Records and let it incubate until it gets warm again. 


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