James Dole – Ex EP [Bergerac]

Feel the shimmering waves of James Dole’s Ex EP on Bergerac. 
At the beginning of May, Berlin-based Jens Dohle (humorously Anglicised as James Dole) dropped his ‘Ex EP’ on Bergerac, a local label headed up by Red Rack’em,
Unafraid to push the limits of what might be acceptable in a club environment, title track ‘Ex’ stomps through in majestic euphoria, stirring up four minutes of layered lo-fi percussion and industrial techno sensibilities before an anthemic synth pad work-out for the ages.
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‘Ex’ covers the whole of side A, and by the time you’ve flipped over you’re deep in the throes of balearic madness. ‘Fantasia’ is an exercise in sample riding that invites an immersion of the more personal kind. Dole creates a deep house fabric from which majestic chords seep through, drenching it in perspiration. This is heavy, heads-down lunacy with an introspective touch – you may well feel like you’ve done something wrong.
Third and final track ‘Grande’ takes a softer approach while retaining that angry metallic bass sound that we hear throughout the EP. There’s also subtle nods to broken beat in a breakdown flanked by echoscaoes and meandering moog.
Outsider music at its most accessible: James Dole is creeping in around the edges. For the deepest of Berlin basements.
Ex EP is out now on 12″. Pick it up at Juno

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