Love International 2019: sunrise sessions

Every now and then, amidst the tedium of your shit commute and other quotidian nightmares, don’t you get an urge for a 7am born-again blissed out sunrise session? Get yourself off to Croatia this July, where Love International are on hand to deliver a fourth series of their now-legendary sunrises at the week-long balearic adventure on the Adriatic. These afterparties are the stuff of dreams and legends, and this year’s edition will see jockeys like Adriatic Social Club, Apiento, Begin, Beautiful Swimmers, Craig Richards & Dave Harvey, Gatto Fritto, Orpheu The Wizard and more heralding in those sun-kissed days in the most wholesome of sonic fashions.

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This year’s festival takes place from the 3rd – 10th July in Tisno, Croatia.

Those familiar with Test Pressing and Apiento will especially look forward to their morning meetings from the Thursday to the Saturday of the festival, where they’ll bring along a cast of balearic warriors to the olive groves to touch that place between your head and your feet. Sunday sees the festival’s homegrown imprint Love International Recordings, helmed by Gatto Fritto, take over proceedings for a showcase of artists who have appeared on the first two editions of the Sound of Love International records, and Monday morning’s treat is another edition of the now legendary morning dub sessions to see out the festival in a slow-mo tape delay odyssey.


Even without looking at the other massive names that litter the LI lineup, from Weatherall to Harvey, Jex Opolis to the Gou and every notable producer in the balearic disco and house spectrum in between, these sunrise sessions are a unique opportunity to experience the true magic of Love International, the last six hours of a 24-hour cycle recurring each day in the shaded surroundings of the Olive Grove.

See the full sunrise lineup below, along with some nice words from the man Apiento:
‘Love International isn’t the kind of festival to tell you when to enjoy your music. If you want to get up fresh and early and get stuck into a music breakfast buffet well, you can. Similarly, if you’re one of the post-Barbarella’s, no sleep till lunchtime rogues, we have you covered…


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At the time of writing there are still some tickets available for this year’s festival – cop them over at the LI website

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