Luca Averna / Chris Coco / Micko Roche – Mare [DSPPR]

mare chris coco luca averna

‘Last summer Italian producer Luca Averna and British producer Chris Coco came up with an idea while hanging out at Luca’s studio in Ibiza – to make an album inspired by 90s Italo dream house.’

There’s a playful exchange between dream house and balearic beat that has manifested itself over the years in a few different incarnations – the euphoric jazz-flecked rhythms of Milanese producer Don Carlos, or the heady, conga-driven gambols of Alex Neri’s productions under his various aliases, both come to mind. This new forthcoming record on DSPPR, a collaboration between Luca Averna, Chris Coco and guitarist Micko Roche, seeks to evangelise and celebrate the balearic-dream-house play with a new, decidedly Ibizan, incantation.

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Latest single ‘Mare’ brings all this to a head. It’s a low-slung Mediterranean vibe undercut by off-beat reggae strums, shimmering and cascading with ease through the hues of Micko Roche’s nylon stylings & glued together by airy Italo house-inspired chords that evoke the open wavea of Benirràs.

Acoustic bass bubbles underfoot like lava;  you dive to the sea for respite – water blasts break the stillness of the cool mid-summer air. Just where you want to be.  It’s a triumphant, uplifting ode to peace, edged with a tinge of sadness at the passing of time and the inevitability of goodbye.

Mare is available to buy now at Bandcamp. Keep up to date with DSPPR records to hear more tracks from the record as and when they’re released.

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