Manncool & Trol2000 ‎– EP [Outerzona13]

Edits EP by Manncool & Trol2000 on Outerzona13

Outerzona13 are a cult Portuguese label known for their highly intermittent left-of-centre cuts cooked up by homegrown producers from across the country. Always out there, always killer, this latest offering from Manncool & Trol2000 is no different. Distribution notes sound like this:

We met Manncool thru mutual friends. 1st time I went to his house/studio he locked me in, got all gear jamming and we talked and listened for hours. Later I found out that he had edited every single record on his collection just for practicing. Seriously, you need to listen to this weirdo’s skills! Trol2000 came from music via graffiti. He now owns one of the best two record shops in Lisbon and plays music like no one else. These selections are not weapons they are LOVE ENCHANTERS. Hardest thing you will hear when dropping these will be, whats that?

First up is ‘Capy’ – sweet, soulful and a little bit sad, this vintage gem comes loaded with starry analogue pads, church hall vocals, scattered percussion full of timbre and a 70s guitar lead done to perfection. All this with a heavy disco sensibility that makes room for some really euphoric build-ups. An end of nighter for sure.

Track two, ‘Opa’, comes with volucrine flutes and calls, sun-drenched percussion and a serious downtempo groove – the 45turns highlight. Third and final cut ‘Magoo’ is disco-not-disco future jazz madness seemingly dug out from ancient Aztec ruins. It’s dizzy and majestic, to be played out by only the most adventurous of selectors. Listen in to these two tracks over at Bordello.

Bordello have sold out of this EP but you can still pick it up at Juno. If you enjoyed the sounds, remember to follow on the socials and get 45turns direct to your info loop.  


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