Mirlaqi – Systeme EP [Telescope Buyers Guide]

Mirlaqi - Systeme EP

Telescope Buyers Guide is a new spin-off label from Star Creature out of Chicago. Their first offering is a hazy deep house four tracker from Mirlaqi, of whom the only information I can find is ‘Spatial house from disco planet – Electronic live and vinyl DJ set – Mixed records and chickpeas for some time.’

First track ‘Danses De La Planete Rouge’ sees a deftly selected vocal sample hitching a ride down the astral lane, conjuring shuffling, jazzy house inflections and playful percussion for a stellar opening. Joining A1 on the A is A2 ‘Neptune 82’, a more taut affair that sweeps analogue pads on top of each other to break out into a fierce yet stirringly delicate late-night groover.

‘Souvenirs De Saturne’ on the flip is a more recognisable Trent/Claussel/Parrish seventh-chord + high-pass filter jaunt with an exasperated touch, evoking the hazy throes of a dark disco breakdown but with less of the overproduction you might be used to. Following in the same vein, fourth and final track ‘Un Velo Pour Venus’ carries on the carrying-on chordal patterns as touchnote bass bubbles under the fizz of swirling pads and heady arm-jerk inducing haus beats.

The record is available from Star Creature with a choice between two deluxe coloured versions: ‘the first is color changing shape shifting green blue Uranus Earth Tone. The Second is a black and gold comet dust sprinkle Sprankle. Maybe additional blends. Who knows. Outta This World Vibes.’

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