Phat Phil Cooper // Hostel La Torre / 25th May 2020

ibiza sunset balearic session phat phil cooper

Near-on four hours of sunset terrace sounds, direct from the institution

Ibiza is back, in some form. Slowly emerging from its island-wide lockdown, Hostal La Torre is one of the spots taking its first tentative steps, squinting in the afternoon sun, toward full balearic reorientation. When the esteemed sunset institution re-opened its terrace at the end of last month, one of the selectors entrusted with the controls – part of a squad including Jose Padilla, DJ Pippi and Alfredo – was collector extraordinaire and label boss ‘Phat’ Phil Cooper.


A cursory skip through the waveform might reveal the life-affirming tones of Guyanese man Eddie Hooper, marimba-led breezers, low-slung funk, anonymous prog stylings or the sultry pull of a new Cantoma track. But really, all this serves the point that you should be digesting the whole thing. Let the post-lockdown sounds of La Torre wash over your re-enlightened body and soul, courtesy of NuNorthern Soul boss ‘Phat’ Phil Cooper.

Follow Phat Phil Cooper on soundcloud, and check this link for more mixes. He has also compiled a massive playlist of balearic, dub and downtempo selections, which you can find on spotify – well worth checking out.

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