selectors #19: da.lia

selectors 19

selectors #19 in from da.lia, the musical brainchild of a one Abruzzo-born Dalia Silvestri.

da.lia is a project conceived at the beginning of the year upon her relocation from brazil to italy. It’s lucid, intimate storytelling through music, emotions distilled in selections and a new way to travel mentally-digitally when the usual routes are closed. da.lia occupies an aesthetic world composed of the fabric of the sentiments that pass through her daily life, in quiet moments of reflection, in conversation or in the heady imaginings of bacchanalia.

The mix she has turned in floats meditatively across the ether of da.lia’s internal world, offering up ambient, tribal, experimental club and hypnotic acid stylings in just under an hour of great selections. It’s da.lia herself who puts it best, however:

‘Although I have an especial fondness for this genre, this is my first experimental-ambient mix. On a rainy day in my small village, I was thinking about my life, some images and memories passing before my eyes like films. Thoughtful moments so much important for my essence and my origins. We all need to disconnect for a while and really feel what comes from the ground. Enjoy.’

There you have it – enjoy selectors #19, courtesy of da.lia of Abruzzo, Italy,.

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