selectors #20: hyman bass

selectors 20 hyman bass

Hyman Bass aka Raúl is a music writer from Madrid, as well as a producer, selector and one of the figures behind the city’s Sagan Club collective, a night on more of a cosmic tilt than the typical minimal Madrileño fare.

Raúl is one of those Renaissance types that stretches himself across projects and has fingers, metaphorically, in a multitude of pies. Outside of Sagan Club, he’s released music with Cenital and Alma Soul, both from Madrid, and is one of the creative forces behind the twinned NNY Records / Industrial Possession labels.

This mix has been a long time in the making – it predates the current pandemic at the very least – and has existed in at least three different incarnations, all with completely different sounds. This third one hit the nail on the head in terms of the vibe of the selectors series, and for Raúl’s persistence I am very grateful.

So, here’s 75 minutes of obscure, exotic ambient, new-age and jazz tones from Hyman Bass, 18 months and 3 tracklists in the making. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Art credit: Robert Motherwell, Untitled from The Madrid Suite, 1965-66

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